Being a proudly South African company, we source quality fuel from South Africa’s renowned Sasol distribution chain.

Sasol was established in South Africa in 1950 and is an integrated chemicals and energy company that produces a range of high-value product stream, including liquid fuels, chemicals and low-carbon electricity. Motorists increasingly benefit from Sasol’s ever-improving efficient vehicle engine technology.

In May 2016, CAJ Fuel introduced Sasol’s Turbodiesel TM ULS 10ppm, the lowest sulphur content diesel available in South Africa. Its advanced properties keep engine and fuel injection systems clean and well protected, and complement modern day fuel so diesel engines run efficiently with less harmful exhaust emissions. It is suitable for all diesel vehicles, from the latest technology to older generation models, with and without turbocharging.

Ultra-low sulphur content * enhanced detergency * improved acceleration * improved fuel economy.


Nitrogen for your tyres? No problem.
CAJ offers Free Nitrogen Tyre Top Ups

Passenger tyres inflated with nitrogen are becoming common place in the market and more drivers are seeking a nitrogen top up at filling stations.

Nitrogen and tyre safety

Nitrogen is increasingly being cited as the ultimate gas for tyres. From a road safety perspective, the key benefits are listed as:

  • Better road handling and improved tyre life of up to 20%
  • Reduced risk of blowouts due to poor tyre conditions, overloading and under inflation
  • Less corrosion – unlike air there's no moisture in pure nitrogen
  • Slower rate of pressure loss
  • Tyres run cooler and grip the road better – nitrogen is a pure, inert gas and does not retain heat
  • Improved fuel consumption – a correctly inflated tyre requires less energy to rotate. Less energy consumed equates to less fuel consumed
  • A green revolution that leaves a smaller carbon footprint

State-of-the-art nitrogen tyre refills ensure our customers’ safety on the roads

Fuel Prices

  • ULP-93 R21.51
  • ULP-95R21.84
  • DGO-50PPR23.60

Gas Prices

  • 9KGR275.00
  • 19KGR580.00
  • 48KGR1460.00
  • NO EMPTY FEER650.00