CAJ Petroleum’s beginnings began modestly in 2003. Over the years, our determination to offer a positive and speedy fuelstop experience has guided us to introduce innovative working practices and world-class branding that meet the expectations of our busy commuters.

Our striking new red and blue trademark, apart from being an attractive and inviting feature, also reflects the vibrant and enthusiastic reception our clients receive when they pull in to refuel.

At CAJ Fuelstop we understand your needs, and our friendly staff have been trained to deliver a service that surpasses those offered by many other filling stations in South Africa. We care about your safety on the road and make sure your vehicle is thoroughly checked before you leave us.

Our growing client base and reputation confirm we have become a respected and convenient amenity that values its passing commuters and the community. We plan to build on this and expand our distinctive brand at more outlets in the near future. Our ultimate goal is to achieve recognition as the brand for quality fuelstop service.


  • To gain recognition as South Africa’s superior and fast-growing fuelstop brand for total convenience and world class service


  • To provide the South African commuter with a fuelstop experience that is welcoming, convenient and delivered with care or
  • To delight the South African traveller with our fresh approach to enhanced service, cleanliness, convenience and customer satisfaction

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Service innovation

We go out of our way to please you. We embrace innovative methods in forecourt supervision, cleanliness and, above all, friendly assistance. We offer a genuinely positive fuelstop experience.

Our focus

Our focus is on convenience and we strive for complete customer satisfaction through value for money products, from a combination of fuel, motorist services and consumer goods, all within one location.

Our forecourt

Our forecourt is clean and inviting and our attendants carry out their duties with diligence and a cheerful smile. We fill your tank, check your oil and tyre pressure and clean your windscreen to ensure a safe trip for you and your family.

Safety and security

Our site is fitted with closed circuit television and we have 24-hour security on the premises. We endeavour to ensure the safety of our clients and staff at all times.

CAJ Fuelstop offers the best service, the best value and the best client convenience



Our employees are required to undergo vigorous customer service training. To enhance their development and improve their overall skills, we include health and safety education, first aid training, and coaching in fire prevention and control techniques.


At CAJ we take pride in working together as a team and strive to achieve the best quality service and cleanliness on our forecourt.

Visit our fuelstop and experience first-hand our high standard of service and products

Fuel Prices

  • ULP-93 R21.51
  • ULP-95R21.84
  • DGO-50PPR23.60

Gas Prices

  • 9KGR275.00
  • 19KGR580.00
  • 48KGR1460.00
  • NO EMPTY FEER650.00